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From Pain Killers to a Drug-Free Alternative for Alleviating My Neuropathic Pain 

But Then I Discovered an Alternative Solution That Erased The Shooting Pain for Good

By Dr. Mark Rosenberg, MD

Dr. Mark Rosenberg | Published On

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I was told by many doctors that there was no cure for my neuropathy.

“Painkillers are the best we can do at this point” is what the doc told me and that I will get used to it.

I just couldn’t believe that in today’s day and age - with all the modern technology we have, there still isn't a cure for neuropathy.

I thought to myself “there must be something I can do. I can’t accept this as a final answer to my pain.”

I turned to the internet in search of alternative solutions and found someone who caught my interest.

That's when I met Dr. Mark Rosenberg, a renowned expert in pain management.

Dr. Rosenberg has spent the past two decades developing innovative methods to alleviate chronic pain conditions and Neuropathy.

His office, adorned with certifications and accolades, and his website, filled with testimonials, spoke volumes of his expertise.

I was excited to meet him!

However, my optimism was quickly replaced by a Shocking revelation. He explained what the root cause of my neuropathy was.

The words that came out of his mouth made me freeze in fear:

“The lack of oxygen to the nerves in your feet is killing them, causing this pain”

As he continued, I discovered that neuropathy happens when nerves don't get enough oxygen rich blood.

Cells in our feet, like every cell in our body, need a constant supply of oxygen to work properly.

This oxygen comes into our body through the lungs, travels to the heart, and then circulates throughout the body via the bloodstream.

This condition worsens with age and lifestyle factors, leading to the debilitating symptoms I was experiencing.

People like me, who have diabetes, tend to get it worse.

…that’s because, with diabetes, you experience complications with blood flow due to high levels of glucose. This, in turn, damages blood vessels due to lack of oxygen.

And because your feet are furthest from your heart, blood flow and oxygen take longer to reach those areas, thus suffocating and killing the nerves in those furthest areas.

Yes, you heard right!

Painkillers & Creams Are Not Helping

Most people are prescribed medicines like Gabapentin, Pregabalin, or Cymbalta, but those just mask the pain and don't provide long-term relief.

Dr. Rosenberg compared neuropathy to driving a car with a warning light on the dashboard and, instead of taking it to a mechanic for repair, just covering the light with tape.

That burning and tingling feeling from neuropathy is your body telling you those nerves need oxygen and blood flow…those drugs won’t help.

Ignoring the pain is detrimental, he warned, as these are signals from the body that should not be overlooked.

…And you should stop neglecting them before it’s too late.

Here’s where it gets really interesting…

If you're still feeling Pain and Tingling, It's Actually a Good Sign

What does this mean?

As nerve cells shrivel, they make your feet burn and tingle.

Then, when they die, your feet go numb.

So, if you still feel burning or tingling, it means some of your nerves are still alive.

This is critically important because the National Institue of Health says:

Peripheral nerves have the ability to REGENERATE as long as the underlying nerve cell has not been killed

So as long as your feet are not completely numb, there’s a chance that you can save the remaining nerve cells and reverse your neuropathy.

There’s still hope. Dr. Rosenberg said:

Finally, Dr. Rosenberg Says There's ONE Way to Reverse Neuropathy

...And the key is boosting blood flow in your feet.

If you manage to improve blood circulation there, your nerve cells will get the oxygen they desperately need...

...This can help ease neuropathy symptoms.

But how is this done?

Usually, doctors say more movement boosts circulation.

But when you're in pain, moving is the last thing you feel like doing.

So, what can you do instead?

I posed this question to Dr. Rosenberg.

That’s when I first learned about something called Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES).

This Technology Fixes Blood Circulation Issues and Can Relieve Neuropathic Pain.

Dr. Rosenberg partnered up with a med tech startup NeuroMD to create the first Whole Body Corrective Therapy Device that uses NeuroMuscular Electrical Stimulation technology.

This technology sends a unique combination of targeted electric impulses deep into the muscles and tissues, kickstarting much-needed blood circulation…

After just a few days, damaged tissues and nerves start to heal and repair, eliminating that burning and tingling pain.

…All without moving or even leaving your chair.

Allowing you to get back to the things you love again.

Without constant neuropathy pain trapping you in your own body.

But Would It Work For Me And Is It Safe?

I was wondering, how effective this is and if it was safe.

Dr. Rosenberg shared with me several studies displaying positive results.

The studies showed how using NMES (Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation) can help reverse neuropathy.

…He then explained it's highly effective, safe, has no adverse effects, and is practical for daily use.

-The role of electrotherapy in the treatment of symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy


STUDY 1: The role of electrotherapy in the treatment of symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy.

CONCLUSION: The inclusion of electrotherapy in the treatment program can significantly contribute to the rehabilitation of these individuals and then reduce or even eliminate symptoms of diabetic peripheral neuropathy, thus improving their quality of life.”

These studies put my mind at ease.

I was excited and wanted to get started right away. I had 60 days to try it at home and if I didn’t like it, I could simply return it.

It’s Not an Overstatement to Say That The NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device Saved My Life

After just a couple of weeks of using the NeuroMD Whole Body Corrective Therapy Device, my neuropathy was gone.

The pain began to fade and the tingling sensation had gone.

I was in complete awe. Years of suffering have been taken away. finally found relief.

I can now walk without pain, stand for as long as I want, and even sleep through the night without waking up in agony.

I was happy. It felt like I got a new lease on life. And I can't wait to make up for all the time I lost.

Here's How It Works

The best part about the NeuroMD Whole Body Corrective Therapy Device is that it’s so easy to use.

First, there are no annoying wires. You just charge it with the cable that arrives together with your order.

After it’s done charging, you connect the sticky electrode pad with the round device that’s responsible for the NMES electrical stimulation.

Thirdly, attach the pad to your desired area (I used it on my feet). Be sure to select the mode and intensity.

Sit back comfortably while the Whole Body Corrective Therapy Device eases the pain, stops the tingling, and frees you from chronic neuropathy once and for all.

I do suggest that if you use it on your feet, place the pads on your insteps, the bottom of your feet, as well as your ankles for optimal results.

Thousands of People Were Able to Relieve their Neuropathy With This Device

If you check out, NeuroMD website you will find thousands of reviews from people just like you who were able to completely eliminate neuropathy.

Everything You Need Is Included

Fast FREE Shipping from their Tennessee warehouse.

24/7 Customer Support so you can have all your questions and concerns answered by trained professionals via phone, email, or chat

These bonuses alone are worth their weight in gold because it feels like you have your own personal doctor at your disposal 24/7.

I must’ve asked a hundred questions since I got my NeuroMD Device and I received my answer within 24 hours every single time.

Had I tried to get that level of support from one of the specialists in my local hospital, they would probably charge me thousands of dollars.

But this way, I didn’t have to pay a dime.

And here's the best part: You don't need to make your decision right now. Give it a try for 60 days, completely risk-free, and experience the results for yourself!

Here’s the deal:

Dr. Rosenberg and NeuroMD believe in their product so much, they don’t want you to spend a dime until you are 100% certain that it works for you.

That’s why they are offering a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

Simply, get a NeuroMD Whole Body Corrective Therapy Device Kit today, Use it for 60 days… And then make your decision based on the results

If it somehow doesn’t work for you and you don’t experience any relief, they will issue you an immediate refund.

In other words, you are only paying if it turns out to be a complete lifesaver.

And from my experience, I can almost guarantee that it will.

Check Availability

Ready? Here’s How to Place Your Order

Click that big green “CHECK AVAILABILITY” button.

It's going to take you directly to NeuroMD's official, secure website.

There, you will get a special one-time deal reserved for first-time customers. (As much as 50% OFF)

Again, all you need to do is click the button that says “GET 50% OFF” and your discount code will be automatically applied.

From there, you’ll go straight to the checkout page where you just need to enter your name, address, and credit card information.

So whenever you are ready, click the big green button below and order your NeuroMD Whole Body Corrective Therapy Device today at 50% OFF.

Check Availability


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Julia Harris

Has anyone else tried this product? Thoughts?

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Rachel Green

I love it. Simple, effective, and no cords to worry about. Highly recommend.

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Helen Pierce

I purchased this for full price and now they are 50% off? That's not fair!

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Linda Bates

How long does shipping take??

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Jesse Leahy

Hi Linda, I got mine in less than a week.

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Tom Murphy

I absolutely love this device! I feel the treatment going to work immediately. It's really easy to use, I can pop it on when I'm working and need some relief and it doesn't get in the way! No cords pulling on me. Some of the nurses I work with have placed their orders now too! Thank you so much! This device is a life saver!

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Natalie Cooper

Hey Teri, this is what you need instead of heating pads.

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Teri Loyd

Wow, this is awesome. I just ordered now.

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Gary Milton

Has anyone purchased this? How long is the delivery?

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Abigail Martin

It arrived in 5 days for me.

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Diane Stewart

Love this. I just used it this morning. P.s. You can use this anywhere you have pain.

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Lisa Morgan

Looks fantastic. Has anyone here tried it out?

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Emily Norton

Yes, it's packaged very well, and I've been using it for a weeks now. It conforms snugly to my back and the stimulation is enjoyable. The vibration massage targets my back back muscles offering substantial relief. It's helped a ton in managing my day to day pain.

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Grace Walton

I just ordered mine! Can’t wait to receive it.

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Betty Norman

Really want to try this out!

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Olivia Spencer

Does anyone know how long shipping takes? Want to order one for my friend.

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Sophie Larson

Hey Olivia, this is a perfect gift. You're friend will love it. Mine arrived in about a week.

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Ethan Brooks

This product is fantastic! If you've used older TENS units before, you know how the wires can get in the way, especially if you need to move around a lot at work. This new product solves that problem by being completely wireless. It lets you move freely and use it safely wherever you are. A big thanks to the team who developed this product.

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Monica Wright

Love my device! Had to get another one for my husband because he wont stop using mine.

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Laura Evans

I know, I was happy that they had some left today. Snagged one before they sell out again.

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Katherine Rivera

Received ours today. So excited to test it tonight! Thank you.

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