Our Mission

Over 1 million NeuroMD treatments and we're just getting started.
We are committed to helping people achieve lasting pain relief through developing innovative product and service solutions.

NeuroMD Medical Technologies began designing its first device in 2017 and released its first commercially available device in early 2019 after achieving FDA clearance and registration.

At NeuroMD, we believe the sooner the world stops relying on treating symptoms and moves towards curing the root cause, the better. With our Corrective Therapy Device, people now have a safe, drug-free, long term pain relief device and protocol based on clinical study results. We wanted to give people everything they needed to get lasting pain relief and if they follow the protocol consistently, they will inevitably experience the results as seen in the studies... Improved function and long-term pain relief, leading to a better quality of life.

And this is just the beginning. With NeuroMD's drive to continually innovate, the future will encompass products and telehealth services to target a wide range of treatment areas.

So, whether you join NeuroMD as a customer, a physician partner, or a team member, you will have access to a proven back pain relief treatment and updates on our latest releases.

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Back pain has been misunderstood for decades and has caused the internet to be overwhelmed with conflicting and most often, incorrect information. That is why we have incorporated the most up to date exercises and stretches from the most renowned establishments such as Harvard Medical University to create the most comprehensive, straight forward guide to correcting lower back pain.