Eliminate Back Pain & Reclaim Your Life With The First All-In-1 Doctor-Designed Solution By NeuroMD®

Includes everything you need to get back to living life without the pain.

Nothing has worked for your back pain because other treatments are generic, lacking a comprehensive solution personalized to your pain.

You've likely heard "There's no one treatment that will work for everyone". This is the elephant in the room that all the other treatments you've tried don't address: pills, creams, chiropractic, posture braces etc. With these, relief is temporary at best because they focus on treating symptoms instead of correcting the root cause.

Here at NeuroMD, we know this. Our famous Corrective Therapy Device has delivered over 1,357,189 treatments since 2019 and... the data shows 4 out 5 people experienced lasting pain relief.

NOTE: This includes users with the most severe chronic back conditions from sciatica, arthritis, spinal stenosis, herniated/slipped/bulging discs, failed surgeries, and more.

Fantastic results but...we weren’t satisfied.
So what did we do?
The 1st All-Encompassing Back Pain Relief Treatment.

We combined our famous FDA-cleared Corrective Therapy Device with a simple telehealth platform that connects you to Certified Pain Management Coaches and doctor-designed functional fitness programs personalized for your pain.

Wearable Corrective Therapy Device
NeuroMD OnDemand Telehealth Platform
Fix your back pain and AVOID further reduction in mobility, loss of sleep, weight gain, and depression.
Hear how Barbara W. reduced her back pain and is now feeling better than ever!
Hear how Barbara W. reduced her back pain and is now feeling better than ever!

NeuroMD helped me avoid surgery and has saved me time and money from PT/chiropractor appointments. I’ve been using my device for 2 months now and the relief has been life changing for me and my family!

Save Time, Money & the Headache of
  • Frequent visits to the Chiropractor & Physical Therapy Sessions
  • Epidurals or Surgery
  • Co-pays and unexpected medical bills

With NeuroMD, you get everything you need to reduce your pain and improve your back health.

Relief As Easy As 1, 2, 3
Build momentum & get a clear path to lasting relief

Immediately contact a coach on your preferred medium (scheduled call, email, or live-chat) & get matched to the functional fitness program specifically for your pain. Find the movement that gets your pain subsiding and start feeling relief today.

Maximize and accelerate your relief with clinically studied technology.

Simply apply the Corrective Therapy Device to your back and have it going to work on your pain in no time. As the muscles around your spine contract and relax, you’ll notice increased strength, improved mobility and reduced pain.

Ongoing support & no-worrying about future pain episodes

Check-ins with your pain management coach to monitor progress and adjust your plan as needed. Overall improved back and spine health, has you living life pain-free, without the worry of a flare-up.

We know what it feels like to have back pain that nothing seems to help
We know what it feels like to have back pain that nothing seems to help
We understand how back pain can wear on one mentally, which is why we've created an easy-to-use, 3-in-1 pain treatment solution

Immediately get matched to the functional fitness program specifically for your pain. Find the movement that gets your pain subsiding and start feeling relief today.

Accelerate your relief and improve your lower back health with the Corrective Therapy Device.

1-on-1 Access to Certified Pain Management Coaches to evaluate, educate, and guide you on getting out of pain with clinically proven techniques. Receive ongoing support & no worrying about future pain episodes. Check-ins with your pain management coach to monitor progress and adjust your plan as needed.

Get Back To Living Life Without The Pain.

Order today, so you can stop guessing and feeling hopeless on finding relief and instead get on the path to a proven pain relief treatment

Corrective Therapy Device + Free 30 Day Trial Of NeuroMD OnDemand Telehealth Platform
  • FDA-Cleared Class II Medical Device
  • 60 day money back guarantee + 1 year warranty
  • Limited Time Free Bonus of NeuroMD OnDemand Platform.

Doctor-designed functional fitness programs personalized specifically for your pain.
Certified pain management coaches to educate, guide, and support you on getting relief.

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*Not advised for use with electronic implants. See FAQ below for more info. Price includes Corrective Therapy Device Kit and Ondemand Platform Free Trial. NeuroMD Ondemand membership will automatically be renewed at a discounted price of only $96/year after free trial. Cancel anytime in self-serve portal within 30 days to avoid charges. We'll notify you via email 7 days before renewal.

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- Susan R McKoy


I’ve had back pain and sciatica for over a decade and NeuroMD has been the only treatment that has given me relief. I've tried PT, nerve ablation, chiropractors, you name it and nothing worked. If you have back pain, look into the corrective therapy device. I can't thank NeuroMD enough. Thank you!


- Dr. Torres


We've had a number of success stories with patients using the Corrective Therapy Device and It has been the critical piece that has provided lasting relief. After reading the studies and seeing the results first-hand, I'd recommend NeuroMD to anyone who struggles with back pain.


- Renee N.


I am very pleased with the progress I've made by using NeuroMD. I have scoliosis, spinal stenosis, and bulging discs so I didn't think anything would help my conditions. My back pain has substantially decreased and my back feels stronger. I've been recommending it to all of my friends with back pain!


- Jennifer M.


I’ve had back pain for 27 years and nothing has ever helped. I've been using NeuroMD for 6 weeks now and my pain is almost completely gone! There's nothing to lose with there 60-day money back guarantee and I highly recommend giving it a try.


- Chuck W.


Thank you! Like a thorn in my side. This is the only treatment that alleviated the pain & discomfort! I'm greatful. The tingling in my calf. Gone. My upper butt cheek pain. Gone. I can walk without hunching over leaning on a shopping cart.


- John K.


“...I can do it about everyday and it’s definitely improved the pain. So far I would say, this is definitely solving the problem. I don’t have hardly any pain at all...this is one of the best investments you can make!”

Customer Reviews

Based on 5334 reviews
C. R.M.
The Miracle Back Pain Curing Device & Exercises

HI. I’ve suffered from back issues stemming from 1984…that’s right, 35 years ago now. (I’m a 77 year old man.) The first cure was correcting a herniated disk in my lower left back and that “solved” things for over 25 years. Then my right lower back began with sciatica, which led to 8-9 years of chiropracty, physical therapy, constant daily OTC pain meds, MRIs under a neurosurgeon, and then told I have radiculopathy, and arthritis of the lower spine. I was given a series of 3 steroid shots which helped for a month or so, but the pain issues kept coming back. Then a neurologist said I had neuropathy in my right leg due to diabetes (which didn’t make sense to me, because why not in both legs??), and I’m still constantly experiencing sciatica pain in spite of pain meds, back exercises, and etc. I was ready to give up and go back to a neurosurgeon or orthopedist and ask them to PLEASE DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to take away the sciatica pain. Finally I saw an ad on FaceBook for NeuroMD and thought well, why not give it a try. The evidence seemed convincing and compelling to me after reading the research that has gone into this device, so I ordered it, and also received an e-mail about the 6 MIRACLE Back Exercises. Well, so far, I’m beginning my 4th week of using the NeuroMD device and doing the 6 Miracle Exercises 5 times/week, and then a 30 minute stint on the tread mill, AND I MUST SAY THAT I AM ON MY WAY TO A CURE. IT HAS BEEN A MIRACLE SO FAR FOR ME AND I’M SINGING ITS PRAISES AND I URGE ANYONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCED/IS EXPERIENCING CONSTANT BACK PAIN FOR WHATEVER THE CAUSE, BUY THS NEUROMD DEVICE AND START USING IT. YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT THE RESULTS!!!! I can’t wait for the 12 week period to be over to see how things are working at that time. But meanwhile I am already enjoying many daily pain free periods each day and it is WONDERFUL!!

Steve K.
Pleasant Surprise

I have endured chronic lower back pain for at least 20 years. Chiropractic
has been my only relief and that of course is short lived. I must say, I was skeptical when I ordered the NeuroMD device. I can now say, no doubt about it, this thing works ! Remains to be seen what the long term effects will be, however I am optimistic and looking forward being able to sleep without pain pills.
So far the only negative is that I must enlist help to get the device properly applied to my back.

Wendy W.
Doctors should prescribe NeuroMD!

This device is a life saver! I have Fibro, and have an extremely hard time on a daily basis just getting around anymore. I put this device on, and its like flipping a switch! I am able to go and do things I haven't done in such a long time! I am forever grateful for this product. I am singing this devices praises to the four winds! Thank you so very much!!

Robert K.
Outstanding product

I have been using the NeuroMd for a month. It provides much better relief than the TENS pads
that I used previously. Use it daily in morning on my lower back. The relief has been amazing
I highly recommended this product

Dave G.
A wise investment, great results

I have been using the NeuroMD device for a couple months now, and can say that my quality of life has definitely improved. The background on my condition is degenerative disc disease in lower spine and neck. I am a 63 yr old man, and have had numerous bulging disc in lower back resulting in nerve pain throughout back and legs. I enjoy playing golf, but it often results in lower back spasms and pain. I have used physical therapy throughout my life with varied success. The NeuroMD will not cure my degenerative disc, but it does help in relieving the discomfort and shorten the recovery time when a disc is bulging. It is very similar to what the physical therapist have used on me in the past, but in a much smaller and portable device. As with most people, I was skeptical about buying something online that claimed to aid in pain management, but I can honestly say this device WORKS! I bought it on the recommendation of a friend who purchased one for his ailing wife, who has also had great success with the NeuroMD. I have also showed this to my sister who is a physical therapist at a major hospital, and they now recommend this to their clients. Everyone will have varied results, but this purchase has been well work the expense. I am not in any way affiliated with the company that makes NeuroMD, nor am I being compensated for my review. I just want others to share in a device that truly works, and can improve your quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whats Included In The Corrective Therapy Device Kit And How Do I Use It?


•Pre-programmed device with clinically studied parameters

•Dual ended charging cable for device and remote

•Rechargeable LCD screen remote

•Treatment protocol & exercise guide

•2x long-lasting electrode gel-pads (3 month supply)

•Ziplock storage pouch

Whats Included In NeuroMD OnDemand Platform?

•Personalized Doctor-Designed Programs Specifically For Your Back Pain.
•1-on-1 calls and 24/7 text + email access to your Pain Management Coach
•Live chat support In your on-demand functional fitness platform, to help you with any exercises or questions.
•Helpful tips ensure proper form and avoid re-injury
•Accountability reminders to stick with your program and follow-ups to monitor your progress.
•Access to all programs & future programs we release
Does NeuroMD accept FSA or HSA?

Yes, you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) debit card like you would any other credit card. The NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device is eligable for use with either accounts. Electrotherapy Pain Relief Device reimbursement is not eligible with a limited-purpose flexible spending account (LPFSA) or a dependent care flexible spending account (DCFSA).

Can I use Insurance to pay for NeuroMD?

Depending on your plan, you may be reimbursed directly from your insurance company after purchasing your device. We don’t accept direct payment from insurance companies, but we provide a proof of purchase itemized receipt via email and will help you in the reimbursement process.

Insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company, the plan, and condition being treated. For example Medicare: "All uses of NMES other than for the treatment of disuse atrophy in neurologically intact patients and for walking in SCI patients remain non-covered."

How Is The Corrective Therapy Device Different?
NeuroMD engineered the first ever Corrective Therapy Device® that delivers clinically studied NMES parameters. When using NeuroMD’s patent-pending FDA cleared class II medical device, you're getting a scientifically sound treatment backed by years of research and millions of dollars in R&D.

There is no other company with our device. Be wary of knockoffs and report them by contacting Legal@GetNeuroMD.com
Who should not use NeuroMD?

It is always recommended to consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program or treatment modality. Patients with any electronic implants such as a pacemaker are not advised to use the Corrective Therapy Device. For a full list please click here.

What can I view the NeuroMD OnDemand Platform On?
Any device that is able to access the web. Mobile devices, Tablets, iPads, and Smart Tv's
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