1 NeuroMD™ Pad Replacement - 1 Pad

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1 NeuroMD™ Pad Replacement - 1 Pad
1 NeuroMD™ Pad Replacement - 1 Pad

1 NeuroMD™ Pad Replacement - 1 Pad

This electrode package contains three electrode pads. Each electrode pad lasts for approximately 30+ applications.

The long-lasting design allows a low cost of only $0.54 cents per treatment when factoring in the price of these replacement electrode pads.

The NeuroMD Electrodes were designed specifically for the back, however, can be used on other areas. The NeuroMD Electrode pads deliver comfortable, effective pain relief year-round and feature:

    • Long lasting hydrogel
    • Tabs at each end for easy removal

Compatible with NeuroMD devices purchased After 8/28/2019.

NeuroMD Electrodes are an FSA eligible product and may be purchased with your FSA card.

Electrodes only work with the NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device; both electrode and device are required.


or 3 interest-free payments of Loading... with . Learn more

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Will NeuroMD work for my pain?

Back and leg pain is complex. However, NeuroMD is unique as it works for the majority of people because it improves musculoskeletal function and health. By healing damaged tissues, reducing inflammation, and strengthening spinal stabilizing muscles, pain will diminish. Remember you can try NeuroMD risk-free with the 60 Day Home Trial Program.

How is NeuroMD different?
NeuroMD engineered the first ever Corrective Therapy Device® that delivers clinically studied NMES parameters. When using NeuroMD’s patent-pending FDA cleared class II medical device, you're getting a scientifically sound treatment backed by years of research and millions of dollars in R&D.

There is no other company with our device. Be wary of knockoffs and report them by contacting Legal@GetNeuroMD.com
Can I use Insurance to pay for NeuroMD?

Depending on your plan, you may be reimbursed directly from your insurance company after purchasing your device. We don’t accept direct payment from insurance companies, but we provide a proof of purchase itemized receipt via email and will help you in the reimbursement process.

Insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance company, the plan, and condition being treated. For example Medicare: "All uses of NMES other than for the treatment of disuse atrophy in neurologically intact patients and for walking in SCI patients remain non-covered."

What's Included and how do I use NeuroMD?


•Pre-programmed device with clinically studied parameters

•Dual ended charging cable for device and remote

•Rechargeable LCD screen remote

•Treatment protocol & exercise guide

•2x long-lasting electrode gel-pads (3 month supply)

•Ziplock storage pouch

Do you offer an affordable payment plan and what is Affirm?

With Affirm you pay once monthly for 3 months with 0% interest. You never pay more than what you agree to up front.

To sign up for Affirm, you must:

•Be 18 years or older.

•Not be a resident of Iowa (IA) or West Virginia (WV).

•Provide a valid U.S. or APO/FPO/DPO home address.

•Provide a valid U.S. mobile or VoIP number and agree to receive SMS text messages.

•The phone account must be registered in your name.

•Provide your full name, email address, date of birth, and the last 4 digits of your social security number to help us verify your identity.

How does your 60 day at-home trial work?

At NeuroMD, our pride is not only in our products, but In the results and progress our customers achieve. We know the NeuroMD device works and we are so confident in its effectiveness that we provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee with our unmatched 60 day at home trial. If for any reason your NeuroMD device does not provide you with the level of relief from chronic pain that you were expecting, you may return it for a refund at any time within 60 days of delivery.

Does NeuroMD accept FSA or HSA?

Yes, you can use your HSA (Health Savings Account) or an FSA (Flexible Spending Account) debit card like you would any other credit card. The NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device has been approved for use with either accounts.

Who should not use NeuroMD?

It is always recommended to consult with your physician before starting any new exercise program or treatment modality. Patients with any electronic implants such as a pacemaker are not advised to use the Corrective Therapy Device. For a full list please click here.

Can I use the device on other areas of my body?
The NeuroMD Corrective Therapy Device can be used on other areas however, we do not recommend use on the front of the neck, across the chest, or on the head.
The device will improve musculoskeletal health and function on the area it is applied. For example if you're having muscle spasms in your mid back you would apply the device in that area.

In order to obtain the best degree of pain relief with NeuroMD, we recommend the following pad placement guidelines:

1. Take note of exactly where your pain is located. Outline the most concise and tender area of the pain.
2. The pad can be placed in one of three directions 1. vertical 2. horizontal 3. angulated.
3. It is advisable not to place the pad directly over a joint such as the knee, elbow or ankle as its movement can alter the adherence of the pad.
4. Increase intensity gradually as each body part will tolerate a different level of intensity
Note: Pad placement as well as Intensity level tolerance varies from person to person. We recommend following our guidelines and do what feels best for you.

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