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Back therapy

So far once we figured how to use it, I am pleased with the neuron MD. It feels like I am receiving a massage. I will continue to use it and hope for success.

Back pain relief- it seems to be working

For the first time in 60 years the pain relief is letting up. Anxious to see what the long term affect will be. Already had been doing most of the exercises. So far Red is my favorite setting.

I really like the sessions, like getting a massage. the only problem is laying on my stomach, I have arthritis in my neck and it is painful trying to lay in one spot for 25 min.


I want to say I have degenerative and herniated disc and will probably have issues for the rest of my life. I went through lumbar surgery 1 1/2 years ago which helped some , but was still having low and mid back pain. I really think the NeuroMD and exercise have helped me very much. I use it everyday.

This Really Works!!

This really works. After using it just once, my piriformis muscles stopped hurting at night when I laid on either side. Trying to use it regularly and follow the protocol. I got my husband to use it also as he has a herniated disc and stresses his back out working part time at Home Depot. It has made a big difference for him also. This needs to be used consistently and on the schedule outlined in the instructions and you will notice a big difference. Recommend it to anyone with back pain and issues.

Seeing Imorovement

I have been using NeuroMD for about 3 weeks with my pain initially at level 8. It is now between 3 and 4 and some days as low as a 2. I rated it a four but I have hopes of eventually rating it at 5.I must add I use it two times per day every day.

NeuroMD rating

Very impressed with this little thing so far! I was miserable for months and after only a week saw very noticeable improvement!

corrective back pain device

love the machine, makes my back feel so much better

Absolutely Amazing

I have had severe back pain since I had a total hip replacement a year ago. I had injections, and tried every kind of pain cream or ointment available but nothing worked. I am now on my third week using the device and the difference in my pain level is amazing. I used to get up in the morning relatively pain free and within an hour I was miserable again. Now I am making it through the entire day without any cream or ointment and I faithfully use the NeuroMD device every single day. What a relief.......well worth the price. I had a tens unit previously but that NEVER did anywhere near what this does to give relief.

Pleasant Surprise

I have endured chronic lower back pain for at least 20 years. Chiropractic
has been my only relief and that of course is short lived. I must say, I was skeptical when I ordered the NeuroMD device. I can now say, no doubt about it, this thing works ! Remains to be seen what the long term effects will be, however I am optimistic and looking forward being able to sleep without pain pills.
So far the only negative is that I must enlist help to get the device properly applied to my back.

Product does work

I wish I could keep it on all day. It really works. I wake up and can stand up without pain

Having problems with remote. When works really enjoy results!

NeuroMD™ Corrective Therapy Back Pain Relief Device [Limited Time - 50% OFF Sale]

Workin so far

It’s only been a couple weeks but seems to be doing some good, I’m still up in the air right now so glad there’s a 60 day trial. I’m hoping for the best but it might just be a glorified tens unit.

Feels great

This really helps my back relax

07/12/2019 NeuroMD™ Pad Replacement - 3 Pack
Mary Buehler

I had back surgery 9 months ago and was told to not overdo it. So far, I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to a friend.

Outstanding product

I have been using the NeuroMd for a month. It provides much better relief than the TENS pads
that I used previously. Use it daily in morning on my lower back. The relief has been amazing
I highly recommended this product

The remote was faulty so we had Leto send back for replacement h only used it a few days. Need more time termite to determinennnj biofuels it’s helping me

Lower Back Relief

I am in my 3rd week of treatment. Week one with system #1 and week 2 and 3 system #2. I seem to be having less discomfort in my lower back and sciatic area. That has been helpful in daily routines. I read the instructions and wish I could use the device for my upper back, between my shoulder blades which is painful especially in my golf swing.

Big pain relief!

Since using the NeuroMD unit and doing the stretches the pain I was having in my thighs and legs has almost totally disappeared! Love this thing! Look forward to using it during my sessions!


It’s a little early to tell but it seems to be helping

NeuroMD™ Corrective Therapy Back Pain Relief Device [Limited Time - 50% OFF Sale]

Too early for a review as I just started using it this weekend. My third treatment is today. I am doing the exercises after the treatment. My back feels good but I need to walk for an extended period of time to see if I am pain free.


Good experience! Much more relief than ten's unit. Would appreciate either more sticky pads or stickier sticky pads. I have been following instructions for use exactly.

2nd week

It's been doing its job. But, today for some reason, I had difficulty making contact with the pads. Recharged and now it seems to be working again.

Can the neuromd be used on other muscle groups?

Back pain relief

The device works as advertised although it is sometimes hard to get device seated on the pad.

07/07/2019 NeuroMD™ Pad Replacement - 3 Pack
Carolyn Piaskowski
Helps a lot

so far I referred them to friends. They helped my sciatica and my mother-in-law's bad back and my husband sciatica and bad back and we love ours. Got replacement pads. My husband & I are only using one machine in our house😄😄 it works great and it's a lot less money than doctors appointments and pain pills 👍🏽👍🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🤗🤗🤗

Has helped a little on my back pain and about 50% on my restless leg.
Pretty satisfied that way but all of a sudden it wont work evem after I chsrge yhe battery.


The NeuroMD helps relieve my pain in my lower back and the nerves in my leg.
Time will tell but so far I am pleased.


This device helps my lower back so much. My only complaint is the magnetic snaps don't attach very well.

NeuroMD™ Corrective Therapy Back Pain Relief Device [Limited Time - 50% OFF Sale]


So far am having success. Hopefully will continue. Pain not gone but is bearable. Strength in my legs has improved.

My new machine

So far it has been great. I had some shots and haven’t been able to use it. When I used it I could tell the difference.
Phyllis queen


In 3 week, starting to control back pain at yellow w high intensity

Brad’ feedback on my NeuroMD

I received my device and started using it on 17 June 2019. So far I think it’s a bit early to give it much of a review. I will say that when I use the neuromd I fall asleep immediately. Very relaxing. So I give it 4 stars at this time.

Wish I could get a NeuroMD 😥

I am so disappointed! I have had a bad back for over 20 years. 2 back surgery's, 4 nerve singed. I have been in incredible pain for many years. 2 doctors recommended that I get a spinal cord stimulator. The doctor that was supose to do it said that she didn't recommend it for me. I cried because it seemed to be my last hope to be out of pain without medication. Then I read about NeuroMD. I was sure that was my answer to a prayer...Then I read who shouldn't get it... the answer was: if you have a pacemaker . I do . I guess I have to be on drugs for the rest of my life! 😥

Just started

I have just started the treatment, so need more time to know how it will work for me. I am Roy's spouse and he bought it for me. I have a bad area in my back. L-4 and L-5. I don't want to have surgery. So I am hoping this treatment will work for me. Donna Merritt

Healing Changes

I am very pleased with the progress made by using NeuroMD. I have followed the directions to the T and am experiencing good improvement. I have scoliosis, sciatica, along with hip and knee issues. my back pain has decreased and my back feels stronger. I will continue using NeuroMD for as long as needed!

Very pleased so far!

Great purchase!

I have been using my NeuroMD faithfully for the past four weeks and I am so glad I made the decision to purchase it. My back pain has gone from a ten down to a one or two. Today my back was especially sore, but after using my NeuroMD for the prescribed 25 minutes I feel great. I highly recommend using the NeuroMD for all sufferers of low back pain.

Love it my remote is a Problem it is hard for me control . most of the time granddaughterdoes it by hand.


It really works on my husband and I. Just ordered one for my mother-in-law because it worked on her too and it's great


I love that it is portable and convient to use with no wires hanging all over. It works as well as the IFC unit in a chiropractirs office. It helps with my limbar back issues. Thank you so much for this product! Very happy with it.

I’ve been using the NeuroMD for 4 weeks now.I've been moving the location of applying the device due to siatica and 3 herniated disks. It definitely helps to relieve the pain. I walk 2 1/4 miles twice a day and I think without the NeuroMD it would be impossible! Thank You!


I like it very much. If I had to have one complaint, it would be that it is hard if you don't have a mirror to look into to see what color you are pulsing. Also my remote does not beep. Thank you, Sally Daskivich

I have cardiomyopathy . I have been stable for 5 years. I read in fine print that it might not be good for people with any heart condition. I am afraid to use it and I have wanted to contact you about this ! I tried it once and felt fine . Please give me your imput on this , Thankyou

The Miracle Back Pain Curing Device & Exercises

HI. I’ve suffered from back issues stemming from 1984…that’s right, 35 years ago now. (I’m a 77 year old man.) The first cure was correcting a herniated disk in my lower left back and that “solved” things for over 25 years. Then my right lower back began with sciatica, which led to 8-9 years of chiropracty, physical therapy, constant daily OTC pain meds, MRIs under a neurosurgeon, and then told I have radiculopathy, and arthritis of the lower spine. I was given a series of 3 steroid shots which helped for a month or so, but the pain issues kept coming back. Then a neurologist said I had neuropathy in my right leg due to diabetes (which didn’t make sense to me, because why not in both legs??), and I’m still constantly experiencing sciatica pain in spite of pain meds, back exercises, and etc. I was ready to give up and go back to a neurosurgeon or orthopedist and ask them to PLEASE DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING, to take away the sciatica pain. Finally I saw an ad on FaceBook for NeuroMD and thought well, why not give it a try. The evidence seemed convincing and compelling to me after reading the research that has gone into this device, so I ordered it, and also received an e-mail about the 6 MIRACLE Back Exercises. Well, so far, I’m beginning my 4th week of using the NeuroMD device and doing the 6 Miracle Exercises 5 times/week, and then a 30 minute stint on the tread mill, AND I MUST SAY THAT I AM ON MY WAY TO A CURE. IT HAS BEEN A MIRACLE SO FAR FOR ME AND I’M SINGING ITS PRAISES AND I URGE ANYONE WHO HAS EXPERIENCED/IS EXPERIENCING CONSTANT BACK PAIN FOR WHATEVER THE CAUSE, BUY THS NEUROMD DEVICE AND START USING IT. YOU WILL BE AMAZED AT THE RESULTS!!!! I can’t wait for the 12 week period to be over to see how things are working at that time. But meanwhile I am already enjoying many daily pain free periods each day and it is WONDERFUL!!

Back pain relief

I am having very good results with pain relief from using the device as suggested. I would like to know if there would be any downside to using it more often for longer periods of time. Also, if the pads need to be replaced, where can they be ordered?

So far so good

I’ve been using it daily for 2 weeks and am definitely seeing improvement.

NeuroMD therapy device

Yes I did receive my order nearly 3 Weeks ago, and used my NeuroMD 7 times and is pleased with it's function and results that subsided my back, knee and shoulder pains. My testimony to others about this therapy device (NeuroMD) is being heard wanting more information. Thank you NeuroMD, a customer that is well pleased!


For the first time in 35+ years after injuring my back I feel relief! I was the exception to the rule because the device is supposed to take up to 12 weeks to feel any kind of relief but I felt great after very first time using it. I used to use a TENS unit but that just masked the pain. This is supposed to correct areas that need it. I feel so grateful. You have nothing to lose with their money back guarantee. No buyers remorse here!


Love it and so does my Back❤️

Large patch which I like

I just started using it. I'm at my wits end with severe Psoriatic Arthritis in my spine and rib cage along with T10-T11 disc herniation's I'm hoping I get some relief with this device.

How it's going

Doing good but need more time

So far I haven't figured out how to use it, but one of these days, I'll catch one of my family to help me with it!

Such relief.

6/16/19. Have been using for a month and my back & legs feel great. Almost no pain😃

I bought this for my grandson so I can’t give you a review he sent me a message and said it was great

I thought this would be just another gimmick. However I was quite surprised to fine out IT WORKS. I am very pleased with this product. This product has made my life so much better. Thank you.

Question about frequency

I am into week two and feel it is really helping. My question is can I apply mire often than recommendations? Can we use daily?

Just started using it, had problem with the pairing so called for help. Hope this will help my back pain.

NeuroMD™ Corrective Therapy Back Pain Relief Device [Limited Time - 50% OFF Sale]


The device works very good but only if it is connected to the usb in the computer the remote does not work I have been using it hooked up to the computer

NeuroMD™ Corrective Therapy Back Pain Relief Device [Limited Time - 50% OFF Sale]

Excel ante

I have been traveling so I have not been able to use fully as instructed; but the few times I’ve used it I have seen results and can’t wait to finish the instructions as stated in the booklet.

Have only one complaint

Product is great and works well. The fact that pads have to be replaced is understandable but you supply no information on replacement pads or cost of pads and I find that a negative as all availability and cost should be right up front along with purchase.

NeuroMD™ replied:
Thank you for your feedback Lois, we value your review as it allows us to continously make improvements. We apologize as the pads were recently taken down as they are temporarily out of stock. A pack of 3 pads is $49 dollars. Once in the maintenance phase the 3 pack of pads will last a minimum of 7 to 12+ months. We have added the pads back onto the site however, they are not available for purchase until June 3rd.
Lasting back pain relief

I've tried a TENS unit but that felt like I was receiving shock therapy and was not happy until I bought this. Its easy to use and does wonders for my pain...have scoliosis and pain is almost a daily issue. You have to be careful with the sticky pads if you want to be able to reuse them. I love how this treats the source of pain instead of just trying to mask it.

Relieved my spinal fusion pain

I have a spinal fusion and SI Joint pain which radiates through the hips and low back. My Physical Therapist recommended NeuroMD and it has really been a blessing.

Worth it

This has been such a worthwhile purchase!! I have a job where I sit and do computer entry so my low back and upper back has been bad, this has brought me so much relief. I use it 2x per week and the relief seems to be lasting. Thank you!

The only thing that helped my sciatica

Thank you! Like a thorn in my side. This is the only treatment that alleviated the pain & discomfort! I'm greatful. The tingling in my calf. Gone. My upper butt cheek pain. Gone. I can walk without hunching over leaning on a shopping cart.

NeuroMD Corrective Therapy

This product is a great product I.start out on low then I gradually ease it up for a more Intense setting and then when I have a few minutes left I lower it back down to low product is a great thing will help when you have a long day and need some me time

corrects the source of the problem

I am so grateful for the chance to try this. It is very effective, lightweight, and does not interrupt your daily activities. Ive used it while folding laundry, watching tv, etc . This is one product that I have highly recommended to famly and friends.


It helps my back. The NMES helps me spend more time with my grandkids and my dogs outside. It gives me l a better way of life.

What a relief

This NeuroMD Corrective Therapy NMES device is one of the best I have tried because of how easy it is to place and use. No wires to get tangled in and it has a "brain" with different settings so your muscles don't get used to one type of stimuli and ignore it. Be sure to read what to use and not use the product for. If you use it for the right ailments you will have great success. I wake up in the morning, after using the device the night before, with my back feeling much better and it lasts throughout the day.

Amazing creation

I love this easy set up and relief your back pain without any pills . It's like someone give you a gentle back massage . Especially not like other devise which with lots of wired. I can walk anywhere without worry about those wires .

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